Rise of the Runesmiths

A fantasy board game for 2-6 players pitting two teams of heroes against one another in a battle to control runes of power.

A fantasy board game pitting two teams of heroes against one another!

Enter battle as a Runesmith and engage the enemy in a fight to the death!

Capable of calling bolts of lightning from the sky, shielding against a mighty blow, or even regenerating torn flesh, Runesmiths turn the tide of battle with their rare magical aptitude. Their namesake however, comes from their ability to wield the ancient runes of power – otherwise dormant artifacts brought to life by the touch of a Runesmith.

In this game, 2-6 players form teams and chose Runesmiths, each with a unique flavor and playstyle. During your team turn, you activate your Runesmith and play cards from your hand – to move, sprint, attack, protect, or heal. If a Rune is nearby, be the first to pick it up and gain a powerful, one use ability that will surely give you an advantage during combat.

Vulnerable Runesmiths can be protected by resilient ones, and as combat rages and allies take damage, healers can restore lost health to keep their team alive as long as possible. When a Runesmith inevitably falls in battle, the team scoring the kill gains victory points, but the slain hero is replaced with a new Runesmith – bringing fresh blood and a new array of abilities to the fight!

Can your team work together to overpower your opponents? Find out in in Rise of the Runesmiths!

General Tips

Stay together – Your teammates will support you in battle. If you venture off alone the enemy team could catch you and kill you before your teammates can help. This not only gives up points for your death, but possibly gives up the Rune you were guarding!

Diversity is key – Communicate and plan with your team to ensure you have a good mix of skills for battle. Try for a little bit of healing, buffing, debuffing, tanking and mobility.

Don’t focus on one Rune 
– It can be easy to get distracted with combat when engaging the enemy team, however if you get caught up and forget the other Runes on the board you could find your team being out scored by the enemy!