Deadman’s Run

Deadmans Run is an action packed Combat Racer with great visuals and it's own unique hover-car steampunk style. Released 2012. iTunes Link

“Deadman’s Run separates itself from others in the genre” –, 4/5 stars

“A well made action packed car racer” –, 4/5 stars

“This game has, hands down, the most brilliant control customization screen I have ever seen on iOS” – SquareZero, Moderator

“The game is fun, the controls respond well… Dead Man’s Run is an experience you do not want to miss.” –

Deadmans Run is an action packed Combat Racer with great visuals and it’s own unique hover-car steampunk style.

Watch the trailer and see for yourself why Deadmans Run is the new must have action racer for iOS!
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★★Fans of Death Rally will appreciate this Indie tribute created with a team of only two people with no financial backing!★★

Race against enemy drivers that have a personality of their own in the single player campaign to level up and unlock better upgrades. Or, take your car collection to the Time Trial mode and race for the best time on each track with each car – Can you score a 3 skull time?

★ 9 Levels to Race with different environments
★ 6 Cars to purchase and race, each with 5 tiers of upgrades to their weapons, armor and engines
★ 20 enemy racers, each with their own personality and background
★ Time Trial mode for each car and all tracks – Use the cars from your single player career to complete each trial in the best time possible
★ Cause damage and destruction to gain Notoriety and become better known – The local merchants will sell you better gear!
★ Hours of re-playability!
★ Touch Based controls with auto-acceleration
★ Manual Gas controls also available

This game has been optimized for iPhone/iPodTouch 4 and iPad 1 or newer devices.
It has NOT been tested for earlier devices and attempting to run on earlier devices is not recommended.

Deadmans Run is produced and published by Indie developer Nightfall Interactive – A company founded by two brothers who make video games in their basement – There’s no Big Budget companies behind us, just our own hard word, determination, and passion for gaming!